I think we've all been bitten, at one time or another, in one form or another. Maybe someone on a forum didn't send their end of a deal. You win an auction at a steal of a price and are told by the seller that his/her dog ate the card. You reach a deal on a price with someone, only to find out after the agreement was made someone swooped in, offered more and the seller couldn't say no. You receive a yellow bubble mailer full of decoys or base cards.

It sucks. You pursue whatever avenues of satisfaction you can, and you move on. Don't dwell on it, but also don't have a short memory.

Not quite two years ago, my home at the time was burglarized. Copper stolen, along with other items. But what irked me the most is they stole the contents of a USPS Priority Mail small flat rate box left outside the front door of the home.

They were, of course, Chris Douglas-Roberts cards. Thirty-four of them. It was the last in a series of deals with a collector whose CDR collection I had incrementally purchased over more than a year.

I dodged a bullet, in a way. All of them were duplicates - even the /3. My checklist did not maintain any gaps due to the theft.

It still sucked though. 

On multiple forums, I posted threads with the cards' information. Thankfully, 26 of the cards are serial-numbered. Every time I see one of the versions pop up on eBay or elsewhere, I head back for one of those forum posts, check the serial numbers, realize they don't match, go "hmmph," and usually bid.

I have no high hopes that any of these cards will surface. But I'll be ready if they do. I have a long memory.

The List of 34 Stolen Chris Douglas-Roberts cards:

Three 2008/09 UD Black Auto/Patch - 07/15, 08/15, 12/15 
Two 2008/09 Topps Rookie Photo Shoot Red Ink autos 
2008/09 UD Black Joey Dorsey/CDR Dual Auto 02/10 
2008/09 UD Lineage Auto 
Two 2008/09 Ultimate Collection Prototypical Portraits Autos – 11/25, 23/25 
2008/09 Co-Signers Joey Dorsey/CDR Dual Auto 1/3 
Two 2008/09 Ultimate Signatures - 22/25, 07/25 
Two 2008/09 UD Premier RC base 08/99, 16/99 
2008/09 Ultimate Futures Auto Relic 16/25 
Two 2008/09 Bowman Chrome Blue Border 01/99, 77/99 
2008/09 UD Premier Auto 08/15 
2008/09 Topps Chrome RC gold refractor 12/50 
Two 2008/09 Threads Signatures Threads Auto/Patch - 07/40, 35/40 
2008/09 Topps Chrome x-fractor 208/288 
2008/09 SPX Auto/Patch 24/25 
2008/09 UD Lineage Standouts RC 
2008/09 Hardwood Auto Relic 01/25 
2008/09 Hot Prospects Draft Day Postmarks Auto 32/50 
2008/09 Hot Prospects RC Auto Red 12/25 
2008/09 Hot Prospects RC Auto 102/199 
2008/09 Hot Prospects Letterman Auto "N," Auto "E," Auto "T," Auto "S" 
Two 2008/09 Co-Signers Autos - 15/25, 25/25

You can view scans in my Photobucket by clicking here.

To state the obvious, any help in finding one, some or all of these would be graciously appreciated. 

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